Join us for 24 hours of giving to benefit ALAS and make a difference.

Coastside Gives is an annual event that brings the Coastside together as one community while raising money and awareness for local nonprofits during the 24-hour online giving challenge. The Mavericks Community Foundation inspires people to give generously to nonprofits making our region stronger, creating a thriving community for all. Early Givings Begins March 7th.

Donations can be made from March 7 to May 5, 2022.


The Programs You Will Be Supporting

Cultural Art Programs

ALAS is a cultural arts program that is built on foundations of community, social justice, social work, education and the arts. We are the only Latino non profit and cultural arts program in Half Moon Bay. Teaching the rich traditions of Mexican Ballet Folklorico and the music of Mariachi to our youth, ALAS hosts weekly classes to engage the youth in the arts. With a commitment to growth and leadership of our youth in the arts, we perform regularly around the Bay Area at community events, schools, Universities and yearly performance events hosted by ALAS

Food Pantry

Through the pandemic, ALAS has sponsored a weekly food pantry at the ALAS house, where local families can access fresh and nutritious food and gift cards. There has been and continues to be an incredible need for this program, and a large portion of ALAS resources are being dedicated to the food pantry. We feed over 180 families at each food pantry. The food pantry now takes place every first and third Saturday of the month at 1:00PM.


ALAS's Education Program focuses on helping our Latino students with all aspects of their schooling, from registering for their classes at the school, identifying students who need additional development courses through our ASQ program and prepping high school students for their college education. Our Education Program works with our new-comer families from Mexico who don't speak English, don't know how to sign up for classes and once in class, we offer tutoring for these students. 

Mental Health

Building trust and community through the arts, ALAS has worked with youth and families to provide counseling, advocacy and case management with a focus on Latino Mental Health and immigration stress. Due to limited counseling programs on the Coast, ALAS is proud to fill the gap for increased counseling services to our community. Our work has included building partnerships with local Universities to engage in working together to support our Coastal community. We are proud to work closely with University of San Francisco and Santa Clara University to build bridges of educational and counseling support for our youth and families. 

The farmworker community is a fundamental piece of the San Mateo Coastline society. ALAS' work consists of liaison and outreach, keeping close and continuous contact with the farms to know their needs. We consider them to be a vital part of our community and our local economy. We're committed to supporting them in all work, immigration, services, and basic needs related issues. We work hard to make their voices heard in the public institutions and fight for specific causes by organizing rallies and events.