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ALAS Staff Appreciation Dinner with Octavio Diaz, Uptown Agave Owner

Author: Bela Arriaga

Published: Monday, August 15, 2022

On Wednesday night, June 15, ALAS had our staff appreciation dinner to celebrate the hard work that the ALAS staff members put into their community. The staff was fed a beautiful and authentic Oaxacan meal. The meal consisted of handcrafted mole, an array of meat, rice, as well as sweet handmade churros. The Chef behind the delicious food is Octavio Diaz who strives to inspire people with his cuisine, words, and beautiful story. Octavio is an amazing Chef who owns a chain of restaurants across the Bay including Agave uptown which is located in Oakland, California. Octavio’s story is impressive. He was born in Oaxaca and came to the United States with a dream of being able to finish his education.

ALAS staff enjoying a special appreciation dinner. Chile relleno

with rice and beans. Photo Credit: Cecilia Penaloza

“You have to be humbled and be hungry”. Octavio worked two jobs while he continued to pursue his education. He was always inspired by his parents' hard work and grateful for their support throughout his life. His goal as a Chef is to inspire the next generation to work hard, establish themselves, and help others.

Octavio’s hunger to give back to the community has driven his beautiful business. Octavio shares, “You do good things, it will come back to you. People call it Karma but I call it just being a good human being. Kindness always comes back to you”. Agave Uptown and his other restaurants are all built on the foundation of kindness and hard work.

Octavio’s hard work never stops and it is evident that all his cuisine is made with love. He is opening a new food truck with the name “Mitote”. Mitote means “sharing best ideas” and is a metaphor for “sharing good things”.

Octavio Diaz, owner of Uptown Agave in Oakland. Photo Credit: Bela Arriaga

For us at ALAS it was a special evening of celebration but also a beautiful coming together of culture, tradition, hard work, hunger and community. We are proud to meet Octavio and connect two hard working communities together as Agave Uptown and ALAS are bringing culture front and center!

Video Credit: Bela Arriaga

Photo Credit: Bela Arriaga

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