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ALAS Mariachi Performing at Los Tigres del Norte Concert

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Author: Maribela Arriaga

Published: Friday, September 23, 2022

Left to right: Lucia, Noemi, Bela, Julio, Roman, Dulce, Raul

The spotlight shined on Mariachi Media Luna as they walked onto the stage with the famous norteño band, Los Tigres del Norte for the second time. Los Tigres del Norte invited Mariachi Media Luna back in 2018 to open for them at Sonoma State theater- the crowd loved Mariachi Media Luna.

Four years later after much growth within the program, Los Tigres invited Mariachi Media Luna to perform with them at Stanford University! This was the opportunity of a lifetime. Mariachi Media Luna worked hard throughout summer practicing relentlessly for the event. The day finally had come and Mariachi Media Luna arrived at Stanford University. They were led to a beautiful courtyard where the Mariachi performed for Stanford University Alumni.

The alumni was impressed with Mariachi Media Luna’s amazing talent and performance. The Mariachi practiced until it was finally time to go on stage. They played “La negra” with Los Tigres del Norte and Mariachi Nueva Generación. It was a beautiful performance with Mariachi and folklorico dancers. The thousands of people in the crowd loved it! This was the experience of a lifetime for Mariachi Media Luna.

Mariachi Media Luna performing at Los Tigres del Norte concert on July 31, 2022 at the Frost Amphitheater in the Stanford University.

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