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EL Jardín Summer Camp 2022

Author: Maribela Arriaga

Published: Thursday, September 1, 2022

Ayudando Latinos A Soñar El Jardin Summer Camp 2022

ALAS El Jardin Summer Camp 2022
Maestra Carolina with her students during lunch time! Photo Credit: Cecilia Peñaloza

Sounds of music, cajon, singing, and laughter filled the air as the annual El Jardin summer camp began. Last year ALAS launched its first ever summer camp that included a variety of activities and arts. It was a huge success last year and an even bigger success this year! The 2022 ALAS El Jardin camp was filled with close to one hundred students from grades kindergarten through eighth. Throughout the duration of the three weeks students participated in activities such as cajon, capoeira, hip hop, costume design, arts and crafts, guitar and more.

Dr. Amy at ALAS El Jardín Summer Camp 2022
Dr. Amy from USF with Chris and Damian. Photo Credit: Cecilia Peñaloza

The bright students were met with amazing teachers from all over the Bay Area, outstanding camp counselors and incredible ALAS staff members. Teachers and students from the University of San Francisco came on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help the children further their learning while still having fun. The students also heard from various guest speakers and politicians such as City councilman Ray Mueller and Joaquin Jimenez.

El Jardín Summer Camp 2022
Summer Camp students working on a science activity. Photo Credit: Cecilia Peñaloza

The children worked hard perfecting their activities and arts as they were preparing for their big showcase at the end of the camp. When the day of the showcase came students were met with rounds of applause, gritos, and even tears of happiness from their families and friends who were so proud of them. El Jardin summer camp has been a place where children can express themselves and participate in a positive environment. The children truly made such a big impact on their counselors, teachers, and staff. El Jardin 2022 was memorable and we hope to see you all again next year!

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