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In 2011 ALAS' wings were born out of a local Social Worker's dream...

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In 2011 ALAS' wings were born out of a local Social Worker's dream to create a space to celebrate culture, tradition and give a voice to the Latino youth and families of a rural coastside community. Believing that wellness and positive identity begins with honoring culture and tradition, ALAS was conceived from a determined community of volunteers, parents, youth and community partners that opened their doors for our program to begin. With the first dance of Ballet Folklorico and the trumpets of maraichi echoing in the halls of our local school, ALAS' committment to developing leaders is seeing amazing youth shine every day!

Ayudando Latinos A Soñar (A.L.A.S.) a 501c3 the first Latino cultural arts non profit in Half Moon Bay is dedicated to giving creative expression to Latino youth and families of the Coastside. We are currently serving over seventy five youth each week.

ALAS is committed to inspiring the community through our cultural arts programs of Ballet Folklorico Tonantzin and Mariachi Media Luna. We are building bridges towards higher education for our children through Mexitli, our tutoring and leadership program.

As we all live under the misma luna (same moon) we believe in a social justice model of advocacy for immigrant and human rights through our social service program. We value each child, individual and family that is part of ALAS.

Every day we witness natural leaders developing with talents of music, dance, singing and students committed to a path of higher education. We see parents who are working hard to make ALAS a reality as our program is fueled by volunteers at all levels.

ALAS is possible because we have had the gift of operating out of our local church hall for our Ballet Folklorico an dtutroing program. Our Mariachi program makes its home at Cunah, our local middle school. Every dollar goes directly to pay for our teachers and the classes given to students. For forty dollars a month our students can participate in dance or mariachi and receive free tutoring through our Mexitli program. However, there are many famiies that cannot afford to make this payment due to the rising cost of living in our community. So every dollar makes a difference to grow our program, offer scholarships to our students, buy our costumes and performing arts supplies and provide stipends to support our families get resources for counseling support.

Our teachers of ALAS programs give back every week to inspire our youth to succes. ALAS is proud to have the first Mariachi program on the Coastside and is currently under the Direction of Rigo Campos. Our Ballet Folklorico Tonantzin program under the direction of Zenon Barron is an exceptional performing arts program that keeps the regional dances of Mexico alive on the Coastside. Our educational program directed by Kelly Delaney is an exciting partnership with Notre Dame de Namur that is clearly giving our youth wings to fly.

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ORGANIZATION NAME Ayudando Latinos a SoÑar

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