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Love and Monsters in Sofia’s LifeBelinda Hernández Arriaga

In this full-color picture book illustrated by master artist Veronica Castillo Salas, Sofia learns that she can rely on the love of her family and trust them to help her with her fears about the monster la migra.

Love and Monsters in Sofia’s Life

Published November, 30 2020 Paperback, 60 pages ISBN-13 : 978-1-7351210-1-7

“Sofia’s painful yet powerful story reminds us of the monster that takes our collective breath away. Her warm cobija or blanket comforts us, as we bear witness to the ways in which she resists and protects herself with amor de familia—a family’s love. As I read through Sofia’s story, I thought, “Yo también tengo miedo; I am also afraid.” This book is a must read for those who stand in solidarity against the monstruo in our historical and present memory.”"

—Daniela Dominguez

Psy.D. Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology, University of San Francisco

Praise for Love and Monsters in Sofia’s Life by Belinda Hernández Arriaga

"This is a beautifully written story that is all-too-familiar to countless children who live in fear that the monster La Migra will deport their parents. No child deserves to live in this nightmare. Love and Monsters in Sofia’s Life reminds us to be vigilant in our support for our immigrant neighbors and the call for immigration reform to end family separation." —Bill Hing Professor of Law and Migration Studies, University of San Francisco

"Sofia’s story is one of many voices that remain silent because of the fear of losing her loved ones. As she confronts the 'monster' and deals with her worries about family separation, Sofia displays strength. When she finally voices her distress, she taps into the knowledge she carries from abuelita, her parents, and those in the community who provide resources. This book serves as a model for personal and academic empowerment. It can be used as a therapeutic instrument for bibliotherapy and counseling groups." —Julio Valenzuela Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Clara University


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