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Philanthropic Ventures Foundation as an agent of change

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Author: Bill Somerville, President & CEO

Published: April 2014

PVF has been in the vanguard in its work. Over the years, we have consulted at 400 foundations in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. on creative grantmaking. We have published over 80 bulletins relating to effective foundation work, and we are willing to try new approaches to philanthropy such as 48 hour turnaround in giving grants and minimizing the application process to the point of paperless giving.

We customize giving by finding people doing outstanding work for donors to choose from. An example would be Belinda Arriaga, a social worker on the Coastside who created dance ensembles for children of farmworkers and also involving parents. She started this program, A.L.A.S., with her own money, and it grew into a project that also educates families about immigration issues and helps to strengthen the community.

PVF provided funding to A.L.A.S. to support their cultural dance programs on the Coastside.

We believe - start small, think big, act quickly. This is what PVF does.


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